Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Using an event script with differents components

There will be times when we will need that a group of components to share an event script because it could be easier to code in that way, allowing us to reduce the code and contributing to make it more understandable.
I was remembering for example when I was programming in visual basic and in that language I made use of a feature named "controls array", where a group of controls did share the same event code. This was very nice and i was thinking how to implement such a thing in Hummingbird, so I produced a simple and effective solution using regular expressions
I changed the script engine so that it now looks for an event script using regular expressions:

But ¿ what does this mean ?
it means: every time an user put the mouse pointer on a component (onRollOver Event) named samples14_1 or samples14_2 or samples14_3 or samples14_4 or samples14_5 then execute the following code associated to the event...
This will reduce the code needed and will make it easier to read.
Maybe you are asking yourself how will i know what object triggered and event ? that's simple. Every event's script receives a parameter called 'me', which is a reference to the object that triggered the event, and an 'id' parameter which is a string with the ID of the object.

have a nice day. :)

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