Friday, November 12, 2010

Looking for a partner

At this time, Hummingbird has come to the point where it's ready for testing with users, but i face some questions:

1. I need someone that supports the project with web hosting. The web hosting must have the following features:
- sql server 2000 or above
- high speed
- big disk space
if you take into account the resources that will be used on the hummingbird's site (videos for example) you will understand why the need for high speed communication, and for similar reasons you will understand why is needed a big disk space.

2. To hummingbird begins to fly, the project will need that any project needs: funds.
3. i have many ideas on my mind for hummingbird, but i will need graphics designers, programmers, someone to write the e-manuals, etc. for take this ideas to reality. but these professionals costs money.

At this moment i am looking for a partner ideally from USA, that help the project to get the following:
- review any mistake in the text of this blog.
- get a web hosting with the above features (this is a primary need at this time).
- must have a good contacts network, for a good network i mean the partner is on contact and be able to convince to important people of the software's market in USA about the importance of the project on such way we could get funds, support on marketing and diffusion of the project.
- the partner would be ideally someone who has participated sucefully on software ventures, self-motivated, with high communication skills, able 'to sell' the project.
- the partner will be in charge of the creation of the business plan.

¿ why could be interesting for someone invest on Chile ?
i want to invite you to read the following article on techcrunch:
investing on chile
and this other one:
startup chile

so ¿ what can i offers to you at this moment ?
on the economic nothing for the moment. But if the projects become a big success, you will share the profits with me.
I have been working on the project since January 2008 completely for free, i think this show in some way my compromise with it, and i am completely convinced that hummingbird has the needed to be a successful software, so if you are dispose to take risks like me. maybe you and i could make that hummingbird begins to fly and make the next company that rocks the internet.
If you have the needed, then send me a resume and tell me about you and your contacts network.

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