Friday, November 19, 2010

Improvements to the video component

i was thinking in possible improvements to the video component and i have finished the coding of the following features:

- now the video component has support for video with alpha channel: this allow you display video with transparent backgrounds. i think is a cool feature.

- i have added two new methods to the control:
autohide_controls (true/false): if you use this method with true, then when the user put the mouse pointer over the video component, the controls (play button, stop, etc.) will appear, and when the user moves the mouse pointer out of the video component the controls will disappear.
and when is used with false, the controls will be always visible.

show_controls(true/false): allows you hide or show the controls (play button, etc.).

- now the component shows the played time and the total time of the video.

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