Monday, July 19, 2010

Now supporting widgets

Widgets are embedded objects into a page, offering properties, methods and events to user of the widget. These objects are in the form of a image with swf extension, and in order to be used on to a page have to be upload it to the server like any common image (like it would be a .png for example), and then draw the widget on the page, and configure it like necessary, either using script code or using another way depending on the widget used (look the widget’s documentation for further details).

Why use widgets ?

The support of widgets offered for hummingbird, allows the expansion of the plataform and the modularity of it same, using widgets you only use the needed objects for the page you are working on, loading it dinamically, allowing you to keep the page size optimized.

What kind of funcionalities could be offered trough widgets ?

The widget's developers could create any kind of widgets offering a wide range of funcionalities of many types, for example a widget could have access to methods and properties of other objets on the page, could access data services on to a remote server, could show a window on the page, etc.

What way will be used the properties/methods in to a widget ?

The way you will use the properties, methods of a widget depends upon the widget you are using. But it could be either using the scripts code or through a configuration’s window provided for the widget itself (look the widget's documentation for further details).

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